lead free flashing on porch
Lead Free Flashing Options For Your Home

Ditch the Lead, Keep the Peace: Safe and Stylish Lead Free Flashing Options for Your Roof and Chimney

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Need A Roof Repair or Roof Replacement ?

W L Roofing Helps You Decide

Your roof is your home’s first line of defence against the elements. But what happens when that defence shows signs of wear and tear? W L Roofing Ltd can help.

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Your Roofer Near Me First Responder
Meet Your ” Roofer Near Me ” – Don’t Let Your Roof Rain on Your Parade: W L Roofing Ltd Keeps Kidderminster, Worcester, and Beyond Covered!
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Chimney Care

‼👇WHY YOU NEED QUALITY CHIMNEY COWLS‼👇🥇 Your Chimney’s Guardian: Why Quality Chimney Cowls Matter Imagine a superhero cape for your chimney. That’s what a quality chimney cowl does!

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Check Now For Signs Of Roof Movement

‼️What to look out for….. Any signs of roof movement in your tiles is a signal there is an issue with your roof that cause cause water ingress and further damage.

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Need A New Flat Roof?

Total transformation from an old rotten timber frame felt flat roof to a fresh, watertight EPDM rubber roof. Just look at the difference‼️

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rubber roofing work
EPDM Rubber Flat Roof System

EPDM is a high-performance system for flat roofs which comes in a choice of membrane surfaces. Roofing contractors and property owners widely choose it because it has an impressive life expectancy and simple ease of application. EPDM rubber roofing comes in a roll which we cut to size then apply using a compatible adhesive and a choice of coloured roof trims.

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