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WL Roofing Ltd strongly advises that you pay attention to guttering, fascia’s and soffits if your roofline is showing signs of damage, wear or tear. A fast response and choosing us to renovate your roofline could be the difference between protecting your property now or having to pay for expensive work to the rest of your roof later. If you do have concerns and live within the Worcester, Bromsgrove, Droitwich and the Surrounding Areas drop us a call for your free, no obligation quote today!

Guttering, Fascia’s and Soffits

Fascia’s : protect roofs against the weather and stop pests from entering your loft space.

Soffits : keeps the underside of the roofline dry and, in turn, this protects the rafters.

Guttering : provides a route for rainwater to the drainage system so it doesn’t damage brickwork or render.

Together, we call these three elements the “roofline”.

Key indicators can include peeled paint, cracks in the roofline or sagging. Wet patches on brickwork or pooled surface water around walls indicate water overflow.

Soft or damps spots in your loft space, or areas letting in bright sunlight, are never a good sign. Debris from nesting birds and rodent faeces also indicate roofline damage.

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