WL Roofing Ltd are trained in the use of EPDM for Rubber Roof repairs.

EPDM is a material widely used on flat roofs and one considered at the top of its range. If you need our company for flat rubber roof repairs or flat replacement roofs, please contact us to find out more. WL Roofing Ltd is waiting to take your call.

EPDM is a high-performance system with a life expectancy of more than half a century, this style of EPDM is one of the most hardwearing yet sustainable materials in today’s market.

Our roofing contractors prefer to use EPDM rubber on replacement roofs because it ties in well with a choice of different substrates. EPDM is also a preferred choice for flat roof repairs. The system is ideal for green, solar and accessible roofing too.

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Rubber Roof Durability

EPDM reacts well to the impact of ultraviolet light, ozone and harsh weather. It can stretch to 300% in size, handling movement and temperature changes well over decades without losing any of its properties.

Rubber Roof Installation

Roofing contractors across the UK, love how easily this EPDM installs onto flat roofs. The sheets can cover most domestic properties in one piece and can be used on most new or existing flat roofs.


EPDM offers fire-retardant performance and, when used on replacement roofs, it applies cold. Instead of having to melt EPDM rubber to the roof deck, our contractors apply EPDM with a contact adhesive.

Rubber Roof & The Environment

Very few materials used in the installation and repair of flat roofs are as eco-friendly as EPDM. It is inert, has no toxins and is extremely compatible when used around PV solar panels and green roofs.