Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

When it comes to work on flat roofs, not all contractors in our area share the same levels of experience. Some will still use hot application systems which are not as long-standing as modern alternatives, or they will only focus on one type of material. At WL Roofing Ltd, we offer a complete start-to-finish service using a much larger range of systems.

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To create or repair a deck for your flat roof, our contractors use OSB boards which are strong, versatile and waterproof. We use a choice of sterling or orientated strand boards based on the conditions and location of the property but each of these works well in warm, humid conditions. Older flat roofs are more prone to breaking down because of these conditions.

The Cure-It GRP fibreglass roofing system is one that uses a specially formulated resin and topcoat over glass fibre mats. The topcoat gives our customers a range of colour options, but it is the system itself that draws interest from customers because it delivers a continuous surface without any joints or seams. Cure-It GRP has an impressive 20-year guarantee.