Guaranteed Workmanship Stourport, Bromsgrove, Worcester

Like all reputable roofing contractors, we are never afraid to back our Guaranteed Workmanship. We offer ten-year guarantees on new roof installations and full replacement roofs, and similar ten-year guarantees on fascia’s and soffits. New gutters come with a five-year guarantee. EPDM offer guarantees of 25 years. Should you need us in an emergency, the team at WL Roofing Ltd covers Stourport, Bromsgrove, Worcester, and all locations within a 20 miles radius.

guaranteed workmanship
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Roofing Contractor, Guaranteed Workmanship
in Stourport, Bromsgrove, Worcester and all Surrounding Areas

From new and replacement roofs to responsive roof repairs we cover it all. WL Roofing Ltd also fits new gutters, fascia’s and soffits. We promise a stress-free service experience to customers across the region, delivered in a manner that not only meets your expectations, but which also exceeds them. Our roofing contractors put your needs first. That is why we always offer Guaranteed Workmanship. We always do our best to offer affordable installations and repairs.

About WL Roofing Ltd

guild of master craftsmen

WL Roofing Ltd is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. All personnel on our team are time-served individuals and have trained in EPDM. This is one of the trade’s most innovative systems and one which we primarily use when installing flat roofs.

We have excellent reviews on Checkatrade which reinforce our high standards of workmanship. We are in the roofing sector for the long haul. We refuse to be another fly-by-night company that is here today, gone tomorrow and then never seen again.