Replacement Roofs in Worcester, Droitwich and the Surrounding Areas

In need of a roof replacement? We offer a full panning and installation service for all new pitched and flat replacement roofs.

If your roof is showing visible signs of a leak or disrepair, or if you have an interest in any of the modern systems used by our roofing contractors, we are here to help. WL Roofing Ltd is a specialist in pitched and flat roofing structures for the Worcester, Droitwich and surrounding areas. Our team offers a clean, tidy and reliable range of roofing services.

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Signs that may indicate you need a replacement include:


  •  Dark Streaks (Mould and Moisture)
  •  Sagging Roof (Structural Issues)
  •  Water Damage (Tiles and Flashing)
  •  Visible Light (Cracks in the Roof)


  •  Damaged Slates and Tiles
  •  Weathering and Ageing
  •  Algae, Moss and Mould
  •  Granules in Guttering
  •  Pooling Water
  •  Insecure Roofline
  •  Lifted Lead Flashing
  •  Sagging or Uneven Roof

The Benefits of Replacement Roofs

While we will always try to seek an economical outcome for the customer by undertaking roof repairs instead of replacing wherever possible, it is often a more cost-effective choice to swap out old for new.

Our roofing contractors have an excellent reputation. Prior to taking on a project, we perform inspections to build a clear idea of the problem to make a suitable recommendation.

We offer a ten-year guarantee on replacement roofs and, if our roofing contractors use EPDM rubber, we will extend our workmanship and material guarantee to 25 years.