Replacement Roofs in Bromsgrove| New Roofs, Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

The roofing contractors at WL Roofing Ltd operate out of the Stourport. We specialise in replacement roofs in Bromsgrove, and new gutters, fascias and soffits. Offering our services to customers in the nearby areas. Our team can replace pitched and flat roofs in a choice of materials, including slate, tile, torch-on felt, GRP fibreglass and EPDM rubber from Firestone.

When roof repairs aren’t a viable option for properties in Bromsgrove, replacement roofs are the alternative.

Signs that may indicate you need a replacement include:


  •  Dark Streaks (Mould and Moisture)
  •  Sagging Roof (Structural Issues)
  •  Water Damage (Tiles and Flashing)
  •  Visible Light (Cracks in the Roof)


  •  Damaged Slates and Tiles
  •  Weathering and Ageing
  •  Algae, Moss and Mould
  •  Granules in Guttering
  •  Pooling Water
  •  Insecure Roofline
  •  Lifted Lead Flashing
  •  Sagging or Uneven Roof

If you notice any of these warning signs inside or outside of your property, call our roofing contractors today. We use the latest drone technology to support visual inspections of pitched and flat roofs in Bromsgrove, and we will always be as transparent as possible with our assessments. If roof repairs offer a permanent fix, then that is what we will recommend.

When we recommend replacement roofs, we also include the cost of new guttering, fascias and soffits into our quotation.

The Benefits of Replacement Roofs in Bromsgrove

New pitched and flat roofs offer a wealth of benefits to our customers in the Bromsgrove area. We think of the roofs over our heads as being synonymous with warmth, security and comfort but a breakdown in integrity impacts not just the roofing structure itself, but also the inside of your home. Having our roofing contractors in to replace is a wise choice.

Replacement roofs protect homes and businesses, stopping the potential for damage to your property and your belongings.

Keep in mind that with roof repairs, the solution may not be a permanent one and if you continue to patch up damage instead of getting to the bottom of the problem, you’ll only end up spending more over the longer term. Sooner or later, you will need the roof, guttering, soffits and fascias replaced.

Having new pitched or flat roofs installed by the contractors at WL Roofing Ltd will also increase your property’s appearance and its resale value. When home and business owners in Bromsgrove need the help of an experienced company that will care about their needs, they come to WL Roofing Ltd.

We’re the trusted choice for a complete range of services.

Call 01299 827333 to discuss replacement roofs in Bromsgrove.

Like all reputable roofing contractors, we are never afraid to back our workmanship. We offer ten-year guarantees on new roof installations and full replacement roofs, and similar ten-year guarantees on fascia’s and soffits. New gutters come with a five-year guarantee. When using EPDM to surface or repair flat roofs, we offer guarantees of 25 years.

WL Roofing Ltd provides free, no-obligation quotations and we also have a shopfront where you can call in to see us, and where we can show you examples of our previous installations, replacements and roof repairs in the local area.

Should you need us in an emergency, the team at WL Roofing Ltd covers Bromsgrove, Droitwich and Worcester, and all locations in Worcestershire, with a genuine 24-hour service.

About WL Roofing Ltd

guild of master craftsmen

WL Roofing Ltd is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. All personnel on our team are time-served individuals and have trained in EPDM. This is one of the trade’s most innovative systems and one which we primarily use when installing flat roofs.

We have excellent reviews on Checkatrade which reinforce our high standards of workmanship. We are in the roofing sector for the long haul. We refuse to be another fly-by-night company that is here today, gone tomorrow and then never seen again.