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Loft Insulation Services

Loft Insulation Services in Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Worcester and the Surrounding Areas

In addition to the many roofing services we offer, WL Roofing Ltd also supplies and fits loft insulation. With energy bills on the rise, why not consider having our professional team help keep the cost of heating your home or premises down?

With prices starting from £14.99 per square metre, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly you’ll see a return on your investment.

The Benefits of Loft Insulation

Cost-Effective Solutions to Household Bills

Eco-Friendly with Less CO2 Emissions

Increased Property Value

Instant Carbon Footprint Reduction

Noise Reduction for Upper Floors

Professional Installation Services

Did You Know?

On average, properties lacking sufficient insulation are losing almost a quarter of all heat produced. That’s 25% of money spent heating your home or premises wasted. Prices start at £14.99 per square metre. You’ll see your new insulation pay for itself over and over again. And, when fitted correctly, the product should last well over 40 years. This could provide an annual saving of anywhere between £110 and £250.

With prices starting from £14.99 per square metre, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly you’ll see a return on your investment.

How WL Roofing Can Help With Loft Insulation

If it is easy to access your attic space, and the joists are positioned regularly, the most convenient form of loft insulation is available in rolls. We recommend mineral wool for this. Our team will roll out the first layer of insulation between the joists with a second layer secured at right angles over these timber beams. We ensure the new insulation is fitted to a depth of 270mm at least, guaranteeing maximum energy-saving efficiency.

It’s still possible for householders to utilise the attic space for storage post installation. Alternatively, with the insertion of insulated floor panels, the area can be converted into a fully workable space.

No access? Don’t worry if it’s not possible to gain entry to your loft – or if doing so is difficult. We’re well used to working in confined spaces. Adhering to all health and safety guidelines, WL Roofing can access the area in question from the outside instead and fit the new insulation that way. Your roof will be secured correctly afterwards with any tiles or slates replaced exactly as they were.

Don’t take risks installing insulation yourself. The product should be professionally fitted in order to work at its utmost efficiency. Talk to our experts at WL Roofing if you have any questions; we’re more than happy to help.

Call us today on 01299 827333 and find out more about our loft insulation services in Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Worcester and the surrounding areas we cover. When you see the reduction in your energy bills, you’ll be glad you did!